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Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Halo Trust

For all of you out there who think the glass is best served half empty and not half full I have some news for you. There are all ready too many of you so start to look at your life a little different. I have been taking a little time away from the site to develop the early stages of a not for profit.

At dinner the other night I was with a friend who tends to think that you can not save the world. That one person and their actions can not make a difference. You know what? You can make a difference. This is the basis for one of my Fraternity Brothers and me taking on this enormous multi-national task. We will get more into what we plan on doing at a later date, once we have some more ground work accomplished.

What I really wanted to do was shed some light on what “The Bird,” my Fraternity Brother is doing in the former Soviet Union States. The Bird works for an Organization known as the Halo Trust. This is a charity that specializes in removal of the debris of war. After spending some time in Angola he is now working in the new country of Georgia. In one school yard alone they have cleared 138 anti-personnel mines. This of course can only be done by the funding of people and countries that believe there is a better standard of life that all of mankind should experience.

What makes this organization great is that they don’t just come in and clear mines. Clearing or recovering every single mine would be impossible. So, the Halo Trust educated the towns as well. Not only showing them what weapons may look like, but also what to do in those situations.

My point is that we can all find a way to make this world a little better. In a city that is so consumed by party lines, what we should be doing is asking what our government is doing to benefit all of us. Helping the world or a person has nothing to do with what animal you let represent you.

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Anonymous Therese said...

You and Stacy are right. One person can totally change the world. I've always believed that. If anyone can, it's you two.

Me? I'm just going to save the world. Either that or go out in a blaze of glory trying. :)

12:34 AM

Blogger Lonnie Bruner said...

Dear Therese,

If you still talk like that when you're 30, I'll be very impressed.


L. Bruner

9:08 PM

Blogger The Goat said...

PS She is 30. What is your point Lonnie.

9:01 AM


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